In the past few years we have brought to life a revolutionary travel concept with the establishment of The Overlanders. We blend the excitement of motorsports with overlanding and we provide services that used to be unavailable for travelers. How many times have you watched the Paris-Dakar Rally and thought how fun it could be to race over those dunes? How many times have you set aside those adventurous thoughts when you realized the costs of such a thing? How many times have you become excited when you saw untouched places of the world being discovered on TV, but realized that no travel agency offers tours to such destinations? We are the way to do it. Travelling with The Overlanders will surely give an experience you will never forget.

Interview with Balázsik Péter, The founder of The Overlanders

P1180478It all started in Australia. A friend of mine invited me to join him and his mates on an 4×4 trip and since he let me drive his Nissan Patrol. I was amazed by the capabilities of that car and impressed by the places we could visit due to those capabilities. We found fantastic places and met people who I thought didn’t exist any more. It didn’t take me long to become a 4×4 owner and fulfill one of my childhood dreams to fight through the Sahara to arrive to Dakar. The Sahara defeated me and I couldn’t reach Dakar; I ended up selling my car in Mali and flying back home. After this experience, something began to dawn on me. I wanted to share what I just had gone through. This is how the idea of The Overlanders came to me. I managed to find fantastic people who shared this vision and worked very hard so that we became who we are today. Based on the positive feedback we received from our clients, we continue to improve our services and offer tours to more and more destinations.