Tour Description

Our tour in Transylvania gives a unique opportunity and feeling to all of our customers. Thanks to the well equipped off road cars and to the thorough research, in the first time ever of the history of  off-road tours, we are able to drive you through the treasures of Transylvania. During the trip you will discover several regions and drive on roads which fall into oblivion long time ago. As you go further up to North you will see more and more villages which are impossible to access with normal cars, as a result inhabitants still live in a way as their ancestors did hundred years ago. The trip was chosen in a way that every day you will see something special, something unique, from driving in the deep forest till climbing mountains with the cars to 2000 meter high. In the last day there will be an opportunity to see bears from a safe distance in the forest with the help of the local forestry.

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Our tour in Transylvania from a driving point of view is a medium difficulty level. Depending on the weather condition, some sections of the road can be challenging for the drivers. However mostly we guide our passengers on well-accessible  mountain and dirt roads on all weather conditions. A person with an experience in driving on normal roads by following the instructions of the guide is able to drive on the route without a problem. The daily traveled sections always remain below 200 km, which is not a short route on off-road, but do not require above-average physical fitness.

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Day 1 –  Arrival to Sfântu Gheorghe
Day 2  Ghimes
Day 3 – Moldva
Day 4 – Rodnei Mountains
Day 5 – Hargita
Day 6 – Háromszék County
Day 7 – Bodoc Mountains
Day 8 – Departure from Sfântu Gheorghe

The organizers reserve the right to change the program and itinerary!




Volkswagen Touareg


Mitsubishi Pajero / L200


Our customers will have the possibility to try out several types of accommodations during the trip. The chosen accommodations were personally tested one by one, therefore we are happy to say that all are very special.  The repertoire contains accommodations from traditional museum like apartments, modern hotels and family operated pensions located in breathtaking environment, with a special view on mountains and valleys. We can provide accommodation for 2-4 bedrooms. Due to the specialty of the accommodations, it is difficult to categorize into groups, however in European standard they are around 3 stars accommodations.

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Our accommodations were carefully selected in a way that it can give an insight into the local specialty. We will have the opportunity to try the delights of Moldavian and Transylvanian cuisine at its finest kitchens alike. Most of the places where we stay during the night provide meals only from home made raw materials. The tour price includes a generous breakfast and a dinner.

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Our Transylvanian tour does not require any special equipment from the passengers. We provide the equipment needed for off road vehicles. Ropes, jack, shovel and other equipment used for any assistance will be available in the assistance car. The tour also includes a few short hikes, so it is recommended to have a pair of hiking boots, a waterproof jacket and a small backpack.


The weather, of course, depends on the season, but regardless of it you should prepare warm clothes. The tour's lowest point is around 600 meter and the highest is nearly 2000 meter high. In the higher regions the weather can change very suddenly, so it is important to be prepared. For more weather information, we recommend that you request information from us, shortly before the tour starts.

Nándor Szász

nandiNándor was born in Transylvania, in Saint George and spent his childhood in the Carpathian Mountains. He has figured it out quite early on how much value carries the region. Later on by travelling around the world he became more convinced that Transylvania is truly special and unique place. His aim is to show the beauty of this region to our visitors and to give our customers the feeling that can be only felt at this point of the world.

István Szász

istvanIstván has the widest regional and cultural knowledge of Transylvania. Thanks to his experience, we were able to build up our Transylvanian tour in a way that we can offer an exceptional experience for our passengers, which would be totally inaccessible for an average tourist. István will assist in everything in connection of the tour arrangements and will occasionally join the team as tour guide.